How are we ocean friendly?

  • We offer compostable & glass packaging
  • All natural ingredients (mostly organic)
  • Sustainable items (ie. the bamboo comb)
  • And all packaging is at minimum recyclable 

Last summer after launching Beach Rinse, I experienced my first startup growing pains. And man did they hurt. My cute plastic jars were lost at sea, or stuck in a shipping container... for 2 whole months! Not only did this remind me why overseas manufacturing is unreliable.. but it lit the fire under me to find a better and more environmentally friendly option. It was during that time that I decided to put my money where my mouth is, and while I made sure my original (and still available) containers were recyclable, I wanted to get away from plastic. So I researched and was able to source fully compostable pouches, made in the USA! So not only are they made of plants (labels too!), their carbon footprint is 1,000x smaller just from sourcing in the US! I didn't want to lose out on high quality original packaging though with the pouches, so I made sure the refillable option included the option of custom, hand-painted glass jars. They've turned into a favorite shop item, and are a literal work of art. I plan to continue my efforts of being committed to being truly ocean friendly, and even giving back to those who are helping out! So thank you for supporting me in these efforts, I'm so happy to have these ocean friendly options available for you all!