1. What is Beach Rinse?

It's a salt scrub for your hair, body, and bath! Soak with it, scrub with it, and rinse with it! Created to bring the beach to everyone, everywhere! Based on location that bring nostalgic vacay vibes! We also have another page on the site dedicated to this question! Check it out! What is Beach Rinse?

2. What are the benefits?

It exfoliates, moisturizes, hydrates, gives hair texture and volume, all natural ingredients, and smells amazing! 

3. What do you mean by "all natural"?

Beach Rinse is made from 100% vegan, gluten free, non GMO, cruelty-free ingredients! USDA certified organic. People love the short ingredient list!

4. What are the ingredients?

In all of our product descriptions, we have the listed ingredients! If you want the full product and ingredient list, we put it all together for you on our Ingredients page.

5. What do you do in order to be eco friendly and sustainable?

We created our glass jars and refill pouches in an effort to encourage less waste. The refill pouches are a plant based plastic that is fully biodegradable (even the sticker is biodegradable!) Returning customers love to purchase the refill pouch to fill both their jars and original container!

6. Is it Sand?

No, amazingly enough it's a salt base that appears and feels like sand, crazy right?! There's no sand in any of the Rinses.

7. Is it safe for color treated hair?

Yes, it has not been shown to cause fading.

8. Do you use it on your face?

Yes you can! Just know, salt is not only abrasive, but can cause stinging in open wounds, so use with caution.

9. My Beach Rinse gets crunchy, what can I do about that?

Sometimes when your Rinse gets wet and the lid stays open it can form a hard layer. Just dig into the top layer, and it'll break/soften it right up!

10. What does it replace? 

Yes this product can replace some of your other beauty essentials because of it's oils and ingredients. You can choose how to use! According to our customers it can replace body wash, lotion, sea salt spray, shaving cream, perfume, and hair oil!

11. How do you use it?

We created another page to explain in more detail how to use in all the different ways. Check it out! How to Use?