Ambassador FAQ

What is a Beach Rinse Brand Ambassador?

Our ambassadors are those who love Beach Rinse and want to spread the love to their friends and family! Those who are already talking about it or want to be talking about it and can have the chance to be seen on our page and get awesome rewards!

What are the rewards?

Depending on the level of success you achieve, you will have the opportunity of getting a lifetime discount, stocked up on the latest and greatest products, limited items, exclusive offers, and commission for sales!

How do I apply?

Fill out a quick and easy application form on our page, Become a Brand Ambassador.

Is there a minimum amount of followers required?

Nope! An engaged group of friends is all you need! If you fit the requirements and if we think you can represent Beach Rinse well, you’re in! 

Is there a minimum requirement of posting?

Nope! The ambassador program is what you make of it. The more work you put in, the more you get out of it! (More sales equals more rewards!)

What content are we looking for?

Content that is fun, exciting, informative, and beachy! Photos and videos that represent our brand in a wholesome and creative way! Something that will get your followers engaged! And cute smiling faces (not just flat lays of product or unboxings). We (and your friends) want to see YOU! 

How do I get paid for my sales?

We will pay ambassador commissions based on your sales via Paypal to make getting your rewards quick and easy! Paypal is a free service that is easy to sign up for!



Must be 18 or older to apply

No commenting of an ambassador code on our Beach Rinse social medias, any of our wholesale accounts, or on coupon sites is allowed.

No selling physical product or event selling.

Cannot act on behalf of Beach Rinse or enter into deals claiming to be more than an ambassador.

Must not misrepresent Beach Rinse by posting inappropriate content, being unkind to other ambassadors, or other brand damaging behaviors.



Beach Rinse may discontinue the ambassador program at any time and is not liable for income loss.

Have rights to deny or revoke ambassador rewards at any time.

Commission is determined by the team.

No free items available just for becoming an ambassador. Must make at least one sale before you receive anything gifted in the mail.